Turkey Interest Rates

Turkey Banks

BankBranchFounded1 Year RateOwnership
Bank Asya2821996N/ALocal
Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank2201989N/AForeign
Turkiye Finans2502005N/AForeign
Standard Chartered Bank Turkey2003N/AForeign
Citibank Turkey81975N/AForeign
Ziraat Bankasi164218888.75%N/A
HSBC Turkey30719909.20%Foreign

Turkey Deposits

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Garanti92119469.80% - TRYJun 2015
HSBC Turkey30719909.20% - TRYJun 2015
Ziraat Bankasi164218888.75% - TRYJun 2015
More Time Deposit Rates

Turkey Loans Rates

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Garanti921194615.47% - TRYJun 2015
HSBC Turkey307199016.08% - TRYJun 2015

Turkey Credit Card Rates

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Garanti921194627.12% - TRYJun 2015
HSBC Turkey307199027.12% - TRYJun 2015


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Turkey is located between the continents of Europe and Asia. The Turkish economy ranks 16th in the world with a GDP PPP of $880 billion (USD) according to the IMF in 2009. A bank deposit that is held for a fixed term is called a time deposit in Turkey. According to CIA.gov its inflation was 10.4% in 2008 and 6.3% in 2009.