Turkey Interest Rates

Turkey is located between the continents of Europe and Asia. The Turkish economy ranks 16th in the world with a GDP PPP of $880 billion (USD) according to the IMF in 2009. A bank deposit that is held for a fixed term is called a time deposit in Turkey. According to CIA.gov its inflation was 10.4% in 2008 and 6.3% in 2009.

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Turkey Bank Interest Rates

Showing rates for 12 Bank deposit providers in Turkey.
Bank Branch Founded Ownership
Ziraat Bankasi Ziraat Bankasi 1642 1888 N/A
Akbank Akbank 968 1948 Local
Garanti Garanti 921 1946 N/A
HSBC Turkey HSBC Turkey 307 1990 Foreign
Bank Asya Bank Asya 282 1996 Local
Turkiye Finans Turkiye Finans 250 2005 Foreign
Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank 220 1989 Foreign
Citibank Turkey Citibank Turkey 8 1975 Foreign
Isbank Isbank 1,289 1924 Local
Standard Chartered Bank Turkey Standard Chartered Bank Turkey 2003 Foreign

Turkey Discussion Activity

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    Q: I already have an account. I am from Afghanistan, I am usually on visit to Turkey. Can I change my account for interest and how is the interest rate? Thank you

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    Q: My wife and I have an apartment in Turkey and are looking to invest £30000 for minimum 5 years ,can you calculate what interest we would receive at today's rates please. We already have a Halkbank account but would be prepared to open a separate account with you. Also would the account be accessible online from the UK?

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    Q: What is the highest 30 day time deposit on lira Also what is needed to open an account if non resident Thank you

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    Q: may i open an account i live and work in albania

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    Q: If I put 400000 TRY IN Zeraat bank for 3 months how much interest I can get

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