Turkey Deposits

Provider Rate
Garanti 1 Year Time Deposit

Interest rate applies for a 12 month / 1 year deposit from the 'TL E-Time Deposit Account' for a balance greater than 500.000,00 TRY

1 year
Sep 2018
Ziraat Bankasi 1 Year Time Deposit

- Rate is applicable for deposits below 500 000 TL for 12 months.

1 year
Sep 2018
HSBC Turkey 1 Month Time Deposit

Rate indicated is based on the Annual e-deposit Interest Rate product. The minimum opening amount is 500 TRY and the maximum limit is 250.000 TRY.

1 month
Jul 2018


  • Q: Is it possible to deposit American dollars and if it is how much is the interest rate? Thank you

    Reply Hamid from Anaheim, United States
  • Q: how do you go about opening an account inturkey (marmaris)

    Reply maureen from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • Q: I am moving to turkey u have £220000 If I convert it to Tyrkish lira Wat is the best rate I can get if I lock it in for 6minths to a year and how much will it earn a month

    Reply Colin from Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
    • R: Hi Colin, I have just sold my apartment in Turkey and have put 150,000TL into the TEB bank, I opened an internet time deposit account with them which they helped me setup in the branch. I have opted for a 6 month time deposit with an interest rate of 11% but any interest earned you will pay 15% tax on, therefore on my amount invested after tax I will receive 6905 TL, the time deposit will automatically renew for another 6 months at the new higher figure. Hope this is of some help to you. Regards Paul.

      Reply Paul Wright
  • Q: Hi. I'm looking to purchase a property in Turkey and would like to open an account in the bank, plus I also want to deposit around 50000 GBP to earn interest on it. Please guide how much return will be on this deposit. Thanks

    Reply Sal from Milton, Canada
  • Q: Kindly, if I but 100,000 TL as one month time deposit , how much I will receive an interest on my account many thanks with regards

    Reply Nahla from Turkey
    • R: Hi Nahla, HSBC offers 5.25% for example. 100000X5.25=525000 then 525000/100=5250 then 525000/12= 43750 amonth

      Reply Jay
      • R: Calculations are all wrong, 100,000 TL on 5.25% will make 5,250 TL a year. Which is 437.50 TL a month.

        Reply Tarik
      • R: Your sums are wrong mate. I have 245000 in and get 1600 at 9 % per month

        Reply martin