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Ziraat Bankası Interest RatesT�rkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası  or  commonly known as T.C. Ziraat Bankası is a major bank in Turkey.  It has significant local presence in the country as well service points in 16 countries including cities such as New York, London , Sofia, Tbilis... read more

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  • Q: Hi, as a UK resident how do I open a savings account ? I travel to Izmir twice a year on business - do I need to visit a local branch or can I open account through the Internet. Regards Peter

    Reply Peter from Turkey

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  • Ziraat Bankasi 1 Month Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: may i open an account i live and work in albania

    denis from Albania
  • Ziraat Bankasi 1 Month Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: If I put 400000 TRY IN Zeraat bank for 3 months how much interest I can get

    Ameen from Turkey
  • Deposits
    Q: Hello, could you please provide me with answers to the following questions: 1) Can I open a Time Deposit/Savings Account from U.S. via the internet 2) Can I (an American) open a Time Deposit account in your bank? 3) If so, what are the requirements? 4) Can the interest be withdrawn on monthly basis or can it only be withdrawn at the end of the 1 yr 5) Can I have a beneficiary to the account whom resides in Istanbul and could withdraw the interest from the account? 6) what is the current interest rate paid and the amount required to open a Time Deposit(Savings) account? Thank you for you help in advance. Al D.

    Al D from Clayton, United States